Yesterday was Pumpkin Day!

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While it’s not a national holiday (yet), it’s one of my favorite days of the year.  Every year on a day in Octobermy favorite friend, Kon and I travel into the city and celebrate everything fall.

We go to stores we never *have time* to shop at; eat at places *too fancy* for meals with kids; sniff candles and lotions; have Pumpkin treats of all sorts; and generally goof off all day long.

Kon is obsessed with a few things: Her Savior, her boys, her Prince Charming, her Lucille (a lovable yet self-absorbed Corgi-Heeler pup), her horses … and absolutely everything October.  Her complete love of all things orange and pumpkin-y and autumnal is one of the things that bonds us, in fact.  She appreciates the notion of seasonal decorating and seasonal fragrances and seasonal clothing as much, if not more, than I do.  And she is such fun!

Pumpkin Day was one of her very best ideas ever.  We always try to choose a day that is very cool and fall-like because part of the Pumpkin Day excitment is drinking pumpkin floppy coffee and let’s face it – that is not as rewarding when it’s 90 degrees, right?  Also, we like to dress for the occasion by wearing cozy sweaters in harvest-y colors and that, also not as pleasant when it’s warm.

So yesterday, we had planned and anticipated and were so excited — Pumpkin Day 2015 was scheduled to be cool, rainy and blustery.  In other words PERFECT!  I had new ankle boots to show off and my favorite cardigan over a very seasonally appropriate eggplant color.  Kon had her favorite orange cardi and looked oh-so-pumpkin-licious.  I took an umbrella in an optimistic burst that it would really rain all day.  We were so psyched!

Alas, before we even made it out of the county, the stupid stinking sun came out and the temperature started to climb.  *sad face*

But even though it was sunny and windy and warm (and not raining even a little) we had so much fun!

We went to the Spice Merchant, which is a cool shop in Old Town area that sells all kinds of amazing flavored coffees and teas, not to mention fancy kitchen gadgets, cool baking and cooking ingredients, and unusual pantry items.  Oh, and spices.  And truffles.  And bread-and-butter jalapenos, which I bought and brought home to my fabulous hubby.  Because he not only kept all 4 kids but took them ALL with him to The Boy’s football practice.  And that was a story in and of itself …  Since he’s such a trouper and a good sport about Pumpkin Day, I also brought him a ginormous salted caramel truffle.

We taste-tested a donut shop neither of us had tried before and were pretty disappointed.  First of all – they didn’t even have pumpkin donuts!  What kind of a donut shop doesn’t have pumpkin donuts … in October??  Especially when the word was out that we were having Pumpkin Day – seriously, people need to get it together.  Anyway, we settled for a different flavor and they were … meh.  There was a whole buzz going on about this place and how fabulous they were but we thought the donuts were dry and didn’t have all that much flavor.  Plus, the guy behind the counter was kind of condescending – he just didn’t even try to get the importance of Pumpkin Day.  And when we asked him for a good place to eat lunch he recommended a place he liked because it was super healthy.  Seriously.  Like were even remotely interested in a healthy lunch alternative on Pumpkin Day!

We found a wonderful little restaurant up the street, however – all on our own – and it was F.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.   It’s been in this same location since 1940, but in existence since 1932!  We had the tomato bisque and was sooooooo creamy and delicious.  Kon mentioned that she could bathe in it, it was just that good.  Fortunately, she didn’t try to do that at the table …

After lunch, we made the rounds of all the candle and smelling good shops we never  have enough time to enjoy and there were purchases made.  I love all the fall fragrances and decorations in stores this time of year … as much as Christmas, I think.  Maybe more.  I go into such a marketing thrall with all the colors and shiny packages.  I’m pretty sure it’s a problem, but it’s such a fun problem that I don’t really worry about it overmuch.

By the end of the day, we had a car full of fun, festive, fall treats – and some special cheese for Prince Charming’s midnight snackery – and we made a final stop for warm, fuzzy soup and salad before heading back to our respective haciendas.  Disclaimer:  The soup was not actually fuzzy … fuzzy is simply the term I like to use to describe how yummy soup makes me feel inside.  I recommend not eating at an establishment serving soup that is actually fuzzy.

Somewhere in the late afternoon, it did start to rain.  Sadly, it never dipped into that ‘crisp, chilly, can’t-exactly-put-my-finger-on-it-but-it-smells-amazing fall like weather we were desperately wanting.  Still, we agreed that Pumpkin Day was a complete success and we are already planning for next year.  It’s possible that the idea of having TWO Pumpkin Days next year was mentioned and discussed.  It’s really quite a challenge to squeeze everything into just one short day, after all.

Whether we add an additional day or stick to our traditional single day, Pumpkin Day is one of my most treasured celebrations of the year.  I value the fellowship, the fun, the experience and the break from everyday life that one day brings.  I see Kon pretty often and we always have fun and good talks.  But there is definitely something about being out and about with your pal that makes a girl feel lighter, happier and more energized.  And seriously, after the summer and fall I’ve had with all our running around – I needed to be energized!

I hope y’all can take a little time and make a fun day of your own.  Just promise to wear your fall colors, drink and eat pumpkin treats … and laugh a lot … and you will quickly understand the necessity of Pumpkin Day.  Happy Fall!!

Love & Blessings,

That Farm Mama


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