Summer Gardens Begin in Winter

The best summer gardens begin in winter.  Which is why seed companies and nurseries ship their colorful and alluring catalogs in January, of course. I used to think these festive fliers in my mailbox were just designed to mock me during the cold, dreary days of winter and make me Continue Reading

A Long Row to Hoe

At our place, it’s once again time to get the garden prepped and planted. Several years ago, we established a permanent garden spot, complete with raised beds that we built from reclaimed lumber and pallet boxes. We hauled in soil and fertilizer (read: manure from the corral), drew up detailed Continue Reading

The Great Squash Mutiny

Over the past several years, my husband and I have made changes in our lifestyle designed to allow us more freedom – both financially and time-wise. We moved out of a town where the taxes and utility costs were sky high, into a much smaller house in the country where Continue Reading