Pinterest Project Review

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If you follow me on Pinterest, you are familiar with my ‘Pins I’ve Tried‘ board.  This is where I normally put all the crafts, projects, recipes and ideas I’ve tried – hence the board title.  I always add a few notes about my experience for the next potential pinner.  But today, I’m stepping out a little and doing a full-on Pinterest project… Read more »

That Farm Mama is Now on Instagram

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Guess what, Y’all?!  That’s right …  That Farm Mama is now on Instagram!!!  I’ve taken the plunge and you can follow me @thatfarmmama! I’m starting slowly … ’cause I’m an old dog learning new tricks, remember.  😛  But I’m really excited about taking on this new (to me) social media platform and having even more chances to interact and get to know y’all!… Read more »

What Makes a House a Home?

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What makes a house a home?  It’s a question I ponder from time to time.  Mostly when I’m frustrated with our tiny, old, non-functional house and daydreaming about building my dream home.  But today, I want to share with you my thoughts on the subject, because I think the distinction is important. As defined in the dictionary, house is a “building for human… Read more »

Pray for Barber County

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Hey y’all. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve been seeing my posts about what’s happening where I live in south central Kansas.  If you don’t, here’s the deal … Monday afternoon, we were alerted to a large wildfire burning just a few miles to the east of our homestead.  It was a big fire, fueled by that good old… Read more »

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Just a quick update to wish all y’all a HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Today is a day that our family really enjoys celebrating – from the wearing of the green to the eating of the corned beef, and especially the drinking of the Guinness!  😉 One of our favorite things to make our St. Paddy’s Day feast fun is making a… Read more »

Coffee Table to Bench Makeover

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Coffee Table to Bench Makeover

I am SOOOO sorry, y’all! I didn’t even get time to update the blog last week because I was busy taking advantage of some deliciously spring-like weather to bring you this fun coffee table to bench makeover. Several months ago I bought a coffee table from one of our local Facebook buy/sell/trade pages.  I didn’t need a coffee table, but it was… Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day

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This weekend is Valentine’s Day. For many people, it means the giving and receiving of candy, flowers, jewelry and other romantic tokens to and from significant others.   My husband and I rarely exchange these tokens on Valentine’s Day.  We rarely, in fact, exchange gifts or tokens on any holiday – it’s not really our thing.  We do verbally wish each other… Read more »

Organized and Orderly: Home School

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Organized and Orderly: Home School

This second post in my Organized and Orderly series involves an area that I want to become much more organized and orderly: home school. We have four children ranging from Pre-K to high school Sophomore, so home school can be very overwhelming for me sometimes. I decided that becoming more organized and orderly in lesson planning, record keeping, scheduling, etc. would be… Read more »