This weekend is Valentine’s Day. For many people, it means the giving and receiving of candy, flowers, jewelry and other romantic tokens to and from significant others.

Happy Valentine's Day


My husband and I rarely exchange these tokens on Valentine’s Day.  We rarely, in fact, exchange gifts or tokens on any holiday – it’s not really our thing.  We do verbally wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day, and I often cook a special meal for the entire family, but that’s about the extent of things.

I do always try to make what I call these ‘minor holidays’, like Valentine’s Day, special for my kids.  Not because I think the day itself is much different than any other day – I mean, I am a big believer in showing my family how much I love them every day of the year – but because it’s fun.  And sweet.  And I want them to have fun, sweet little memories as they grow up.

Some years, I buy them little gifts – stuffed animals, candy baskets, etc..  Sometimes I make them something like a blanket or pillow, a new room decoration or craft.  This year, I decided to write each of them a love poem.  Then, when they are grown and if they save them ( … oh, who am I kidding?  These kids are all pack rats – they save everything!) they can look back and remember how much Mama loved them.  All together now …. awwwwwwwww.  <3

heart danglies

As of the writing of this post, I have 3 out of 4 poems completed.  Believe it or not, the one I wrote for my 15 year old son was the easiest to finish, while the 3 year old’s poem is proving to be a real head-scratcher.

I’m a writer.  I use this blog, my Facebook, my personal family blog, scraps of paper, napkins … whatever I can find … to write down things my kids say and do or especially funny family memories.  I love putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be) and recording my thoughts about the kids so that some day they will know how their Mama felt about them, in my own words.  It’s why I always write a personal note from their Daddy and I inside their birthday cards, every single year from the time they’re born.  I’m sentimental that way.  😉

flowy heart

So …  I’m going to share with you the silly little verse I wrote for my strapping 15 year old son.  He’s my first born, and I think that first born kids – especially sons – have a special place in Mamas’ hearts, don’t you?  I’m not willing to say I have a favorite child … despite the fact that he’s always trying to put those words in my mouth … ?  but I will admit that he is pretty great.  He’s also extremely tolerant of all my overly emotional reactions to every. single. event. in. his. life.   Alas, he is at that age where mushy gushy is too much for him.  Thusly … I couldn’t write exactly what I wanted to tell him, in the exact wording I wanted to use because it would have embarrassed him and made him feel icky.  So I went for comedy instead … ahhh, the best diffuser of awkward emotion.

A Valentine’s Day Love Poem

I love your brain,
Your handsome face,
Your laugh,
Your moods,
Your Lunky pace.

I love your heart,
Your smile so wide,
Your stories,
Your dreams,
Your manly pride.

I love your courage,
Your Star Wars love.
Your strength,
Your thoughts,
Your need for gloves.

I love your soul.
But most of all
I love you
‘Cause you’re very tall.

So there you have it … all the great and wonderful things about my Big Kid, my Groot, my Lunky, my (formerly little) Little Man … in a nutshell.

Take some time to record your thoughts and experiences for posterity.  It only takes a few minutes to leave a note or a thought for your kids and someday it will mean the world to them!

Tell someone you love them today and every day … ? and Happy Valentine’s Day! ????

Love & Blessings,

That Farm Mama


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