That Farm Mama is Now on Instagram

Guess what, Y’all?!  That’s right …  That Farm Mama is now on Instagram!!!  I’ve taken the plunge and you can follow me @thatfarmmama! I’m starting slowly … ’cause I’m an old dog learning new tricks, remember.  😛  But I’m really excited about taking on this new (to me) social media platform and having even more chances to interact and get to know y’all! I’ve had some people ask me why I’m not on Instagram and Twitter yet … and Continue Reading

Take Two

Last week, our attempt at a family mini-vacation went terribly, terribly wrong. This week, our son was scheduled to play football in the state Capital, almost as far away as last week’s game. After much consideration and discussion, we decided to try the whole Travel Lodge Adventure again. I’m thrilled to report that this trip went much more smoothly than the last … for the most part. There was a significant chance of rain on Continue Reading

Less of Me

Perspective is a funny thing.  When you’re in the middle of a stressful situation (like we were a couple weeks ago with our Travel Lodge Adventure from Hell) it seems like you’re having the worst luck, the worst day, and nothing in your life is the way you want it to be. Usually, after you’ve made it through to the other side, you can look back and recognize it wasn’t that bad.  Or maybe it was pretty bad, but Continue Reading