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Easy Crochet Projects a Beginner Can Complete in a Weekend!

Easy crochet beginner weekend

As most of you know, I’ve been recovering from surgery for the past few weeks. I have not been able (read: allowed by the doctor OR my family) to do anything remotely strenuous, but there’s only so many makeup tutorials you can watch on YouTube without getting bored, right? So I have been slowly taking some pictures of the crochet… Read more »

DIY Wasp Deterrent

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DIY wasp deterrent

I love God’s creatures. Most of them anyway. I’m not a fan of the sting-y ones, though.  Mosquitoes, those grey flies that like to bite you right at the back of the knee … and wasps.  I hate wasps.  Today, I’m going to share with y’all the most effective, cheapest, easiest, and most clever diy wasp deterrent EVER! My husband is deathly allergic to… Read more »

Bunk Bed Makeover Using Paint and Petroleum Jelly

Bunk Bed Makeover Using Paint and Petroleum Jelly

Something that has been looming on my ‘To Do’ list for several months has been my younger daughter’s bunk bed makeover using paint and petroleum jelly. (More on that crazy-sounding process in a minute) I bought a simple wooden bunk bed set last summer off a local Facebook buy/sell/trade page for only $20. My intention was to get them spruced up and put in my… Read more »

Pinterest Project Review

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If you follow me on Pinterest, you are familiar with my ‘Pins I’ve Tried‘ board.  This is where I normally put all the crafts, projects, recipes and ideas I’ve tried – hence the board title.  I always add a few notes about my experience for the next potential pinner.  But today, I’m stepping out a little and doing a full-on Pinterest project… Read more »

What Makes a House a Home?

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What makes a house a home?  It’s a question I ponder from time to time.  Mostly when I’m frustrated with our tiny, old, non-functional house and daydreaming about building my dream home.  But today, I want to share with you my thoughts on the subject, because I think the distinction is important. As defined in the dictionary, house is a “building for human… Read more »

Coffee Table to Bench Makeover

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Coffee Table to Bench Makeover

I am SOOOO sorry, y’all! I didn’t even get time to update the blog last week because I was busy taking advantage of some deliciously spring-like weather to bring you this fun coffee table to bench makeover. Several months ago I bought a coffee table from one of our local Facebook buy/sell/trade pages.  I didn’t need a coffee table, but it was… Read more »

Treasure Hunting on the Farm

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A lot of bloggers I follow often talk about the great deals they find when they’re out shopping garage sales, antique shops, flea markets and so forth.   Living in or near a large metropolitan area seems to afford them ready access to a plethora of resources for potential DIY and upcycling projects.  It’s one of the few things I miss about living in the city…. Read more »

Crafty Crafterson

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Hey Y’all!  I’ve been having a blast with my little chalkboard sign!  I made this using an old picture frame I found in the basement and some paint a few months ago.  I’ve changed out the wording several times since and I think I may finally be getting the hang of this hand lettering thing!  I’m trying, at any rate. Last… Read more »