Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Just a quick update to wish all y’all a HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Today is a day that our family really enjoys celebrating – from the wearing of the green to the eating of the corned beef, and especially the drinking of the Guinness!  😉 One of our favorite things Continue Reading

Snout Juice, A Home Remedy

A vicious sinus/respiratory bug has been making it’s way through our house this past week. Maybe your house has been suffering from something similar this winter? Which is why I want to share with you, Snout Juice – my favorite home remedy against colds, sinus issues, seasonal allergies, and various versions of Continue Reading

Using A Menu Planner

Here’s an update on how using a menu planner is working out … I decided to test a customizable, two-week menu planner, first – I found it here.  I thought it would be a good way to begin, two-weeks at a time, and with a plan that I could customize before printing. (Do Continue Reading

Organized and Orderly: Meal Planning

Christmas Sunrise

It’s time to enact some of my exciting plans to be more organized and orderly in this new year. There are actually so many areas where I want to be more organized … it was a mind-scrambling challenging task to figure out where to begin.  I made a list of all the things I felt Continue Reading

Fool Proof Homemade Bread

I like bread.  My family likes bread.  We go through several packages of English muffins, bagels, sandwich bread, tortillas, and waffles every week.  (Remember – we’re a family of 6 so one package of bagels doesn’t last more than a day or two if everyone eats one for breakfast.) When I Continue Reading

5 Summer ‘Can’t Live Without’ Items

It occurred to me the other day that there are a few items I just can’t seem to get along without, especially in the summer.  I know everyone has a favorite ‘stuff’ list:  A lipstick shade that always makes your smile look fabulous, for example; or a pair of sandals that go with absolutely Continue Reading

Grilled Summer Veggie Sandwiches

It’s been a while since I shared a recipe with y’all, hasn’t it? Well, I didn’t stop cooking, that’s for sure! It’s summer and it’s so, so, so hot outside here in southern Kansas. Which means I don’t want to heat up my house by using the oven. Or really Continue Reading

Home Remedies, Essential Oils and the Occult

Okay, I don’t have much interest in the occult. But I am totally into home remedies and essential oils. Especially the ones that work. They could very well be the only reason I’m still alive to write this post today. Really. The past couple weeks have been a little rough Continue Reading