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It’s no secret that
I get really excited about saving money.  I don’t think of myself as
cheap per say, just really
discerning about how I spend money.  I’ll buy things I don’t need,
but I want to find the best possible deal on those things.  It’s how
I roll.

further my money-saving efforts I’ve done a lot of different things.
I’ve clipped coupons, made my own laundry and household products,
played ‘The Grocery Game’, shopped through those websites that give
you cash back when you buy online.  I’ve even shopped on those ‘super
sale’ websites where you get huge discounts in exchange for only
having a few sizes/colors/styles available.  Those efforts have saved
us a lot of money and I continue to utilize them.

let me just say up front that
I’ve never been a garage sale person.  I hate getting up super early
to trundle off to town, only to mill around with dozens of other
bargain shoppers, all vying for the same ‘great deal’.  It just
doesn’t appeal at all.  It’s also why I’ve never been a Black Friday
shopper – too many people, long waits … just – no.  Not for me.
But one of the most amazing things I’ve started doing to save money
(and get what I want for my home and family) is shopping on the local
buy/sell/trade pages on my Facebook.  It’s
like going to a garage
sale, only you don’t have to leave the house.  Well, until it’s time
to pick up your loot, anyway.  It’s fantastic!

been shopping on these pages for about 3 years now, and I have found
some of the most amazing
deals!  I got a side by side refrigerator in excellent condition …
for FREE!  I scored
(again, for free – squeee!)
enough bricks to put in a patio.  My husband & all three of our
older kids got new, solid wood (totally antique, y’all!)
desks.  I found a new sofa and
matching chair in like new condition, a full size keyboard, countless
video games & controllers, clothes (designer & name
, shoes … even a 40’
park model camper!  Would you believe I even found a set of dishes
that match ours?  Well I did – and the service for 8 was only $20!
The best part is that everything has been totally within my teeny
tiny tap water budget!  There is no way we would have been able to
afford any of those things buying them new – we would have just
done without.  And doing without stinks.

I belong to several
community pages in my local area, and I check them several times a
day.  You never know when you’re going to come across a ‘like new’
jungle climber for $10 … which I did.  🙂  It’s really become my
‘go to’ source for pretty much everything we’re wanting.  I’m
currently on the hunt for a couple new comfy chairs for the basement
family room, cowgirl boots for my oldest daughter, a loveseat for the
upstairs family room and an upright deep freeze, or two.  And I’m
always keeping my eyes open for jeans, video games and toddler

also sold a few things and made a little cash, although I really
prefer to take our used items to a charity.  But
finding and buying things from my friends and neighbors … it’s so
much more fun that I would have imagined.  And, like I said, I don’t
have to venture out to a garage sale to get garage sale prices and
variety.  Neither rain, nor snow, nor the fact that I am still in my
pajammies will keep me from finding a great deal!  Winner, winner,
chicken dinner!

are really warming up, weather-wise around here so I’ll finally be
able to paint the super awesome bunk beds I bought my daughter on the
Trading Post.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to share with you next time,
pictures of how it all turned out!  Until then, be sure to check out
the buy/sell/trade Facebook pages where you live … I know I’m going

& Blessings,

Farm Mama


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