Cut Your Grocery Budget – Without Coupons

cut your grocery budget

One of the biggest things my fellow Mamas I complain to each other about is … grocery shopping.  No one likes doing it, and everyone feels like they spend way too much money when they do.  Almost all of us feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unprepared when we head into the grocery store, and the result is too often a cart full of stuff we don’t need – and a huge bill at the register.  Sound familiar? If you’re fed up (hee hee) with an out of hand grocery bill, read on.  These easy to implement tips will help you save time, reduce stress, and cut your grocery bill today – without clipping coupons! Avoid Impulse Purchases Impulse purchases are always budget killers, and grocery stores are no Continue Reading

6 Fun & Easy Ways to Homeschool for Free

free homeschool resources

Homeschool has been a wonderful experience for our family.  We love the flexibility it offers, and the opportunity for each of my four children to learn at their own pace.  Every homeschool family is different, of course … there are so many ways to go about teaching your kids at home. But something almost all of us have in common – we want to give our kids a great education … and we’re on a budget.   Like most homeschooling Mamas, I have my favorite courses – ones that I will remain loyal to forever.  Or at least until my youngest graduates.   But I also love supplementing our regular lessons with fun and creative learning opportunities – and these free homeschool resources make it so easy! Continue Reading

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Filter Flower Wreath

diy farmhouse coffee filter flower wreath

I love flowers. Do you like flowers? I think they add so much warmth and character to any space –  I’d fill my house with flowers, if possible. Unfortunately for me, the only way I can afford fresh flowers is to grow them myself. Sadly, even though both my grandmothers possessed the greenest of thumbs, mine is … not so much.  I’ve learned to love and appreciate artificial flowers, too, but, golly – they can be expensive!  Which is what made me turn to the frugal solution … DIY flowers. I’ve made tissue paper flowers before with my daughters.  While bright and pretty – and useful for some inexpensive seasonal decor in a pinch – they never turned out especially realistic; and never seemed to Continue Reading

Budget Friendly Furniture Facelifts

budget friendly furniture facelift

Hello Friends! Is your furniture looking a little worse for the wear?  Showing signs of aging, sagging, rips, tears, stains?   Wishing you could replace it but knowing it’s just not in your budget right now?  Me, too.  If only there were some fast, easy, and budget friendly ways to give your furniture a facelift.  Wait!  There are!  And I’m going to share my very favorites with you in this post.  🙂 Every year when I start decorating for the fall season (my fave!), I look around my house and am reminded of every single thing that needs to be fixed or replaced.  It’s the curse of living on one income, really – there are always things that need to be taken care of before a Continue Reading

Super Small Fall Decorating Budget

Super Small Fall Decorating Budget

Hello, my Lovelies! I hope y’all are having an amazing fall so far! I spoke in my last post about my self-imposed, super small fall decorating budget this year. Today, I wanted to share with you  my favorites among the decorating ideas I’ve put into action. While fall is my very favorite time of year, I usually don’t decorate my entire house.  This is mainly due to the fact that our house is SO small – there’s simply not room for me to store a lot of seasonal decor to switch out in every room.  I mostly concentrate on the main part of our house, which is basically our family room and dining room/kitchen. In the Dining Room/Kitchen … I didn’t put out much … again, Continue Reading

Budget Friendly Pumpkin Garland

Budget Friendly Pumpkin Garland

It’s time to decorate for fall! This is my favorite time of year and I love to do it up right, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money. This year, I challenged myself to spend less than $50 getting my home ready for fall. That’s right – $50! I have done really well so far, and my absolute favorite project is this extremely budget friendly pumpkin garland that I saw on Pinterest and made myself for under $4.00. It’s super easy and so cute I think I want to leave it up all year! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own budget friendly pumpkin garland … Yarn (use any type or color you want – I found this yummy pumpkin color Continue Reading

Easy Crochet Projects a Beginner Can Complete in a Weekend!

Easy crochet beginner weekend

As most of you know, I’ve been recovering from surgery for the past few weeks. I have not been able (read: allowed by the doctor OR my family) to do anything remotely strenuous, but there’s only so many makeup tutorials you can watch on YouTube without getting bored, right? So I have been slowly taking some pictures of the crochet projects I completed over the past month to share with y’all.  These are simple crochet projects that even a beginner can complete in a weekend.  And … bonus … they are SO CUTE and practical! This first project was a real labor of love.  My little Finn loves to run through the house and is forever stubbing his sweet toes on some thing or another.  He has outgrown Continue Reading

Keeping Sports Team Uniforms Clean

sports team uniforms clean

It’s that time of year – school is starting up again and Mamas everywhere are sending their little darlings off to class in sparkling new clothing and shiny shoes.  Except me … as a year round home schooling Mama, my kids will show up for class in torn t-shirts and shorts that are just barely going to make it through what’s left of summer.  But even though we’re on different pages, fashion-wise, there is one very frustrating issue I share with Mamas (especially sports Mamas) everywhere … laundry, and in particular … How do I keep my kids’ sports team uniforms clean all season? For me and my family of six (mostly me), laundry is a never ending battle with all manner of stains, smells and odd color fading.  Over the years, I’ve developed a myriad of Continue Reading