Every Day Baked Beans

every day baked beans

Summer eating is so much fun! When it’s time to fire up the grill for some tasty burgers, everyone gets excited. My family gets especially excited when they know I’m making baked beans, which is one of their faves. But I definitely do not want to create an overheated house by turning on my oven. My ‘Every Day Baked Beans’ recipe uses the microwave instead. They are quick, easy, and oh, so delicious! And I Continue Reading

Must Have Items in Your Home

must have items in your home

When you’re a mom, even the most well-planned days can go sideways without warning. On the blog, I’ve offered various tips and ideas to help keep things running smoothly on a regular type day basis. But sometimes, it all goes south and you just need an Emergency Plan B. I have a list of essential items that I keep stocked in my pantry, freezer, and around the house at all times. And when life gets Continue Reading

Frugal Mother’s Day Gifts (that Mom will really love)

frugal mother's day gifts

Think Mother’s Day gifts need to be expensive and/or elaborate to make a hit with Mom ? The truth is most moms all wish for the same types of gifts on their special day. And surprisingly, what Mom wants for Mother’s Day is not elaborate or expensive. In fact, most of the ideas on this gift list are completely FREE! Frugal Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Really Love! A Clean House Moms everywhere love to sit in Continue Reading

Free Seasonal Decorating Ideas

free seasonal decor

I love decorating for the seasons. It’s so fun – creating a festive, warm atmosphere in and around my home to celebrate a holiday or time of year.  There are times, though, when money runs a bit too tight for me to indulge in seasonal decorating. Having the desire to prettify my space, but not having any budget to work with can be frustrating.  So during these times of ‘fiscal drought’ I like to get creative, Continue Reading

Essential Oils For Seasonal Allergy Relief

essential oils for seasonal allergy relief

Spring, aka allergy season is my most hated time of the year. Elm pollen is everywhere and for 4-6 weeks, I am a sneezy, itchy-nosed, watery-eyed, stuffy-headed hot mess. Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Abject misery, am I right? I prefer to use essential oils for seasonal allergy relief. And because I so love a good natural home remedy for seasonal allergies, I keep these essential oils in my stash at all times. I Continue Reading

Cut Your Grocery Budget – Without Coupons

cut your grocery budget

One of the biggest things my fellow Mamas I complain to each other about is … grocery shopping.  No one likes doing it, and everyone feels like they spend way too much money when they do.  Almost all of us feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unprepared when we head into the grocery store, and the result is too often a cart full of stuff we don’t need – and a huge bill at the register.  Sound Continue Reading

6 Fun & Easy Ways to Homeschool for Free

free homeschool resources

Homeschool has been a wonderful experience for our family.  We love the flexibility it offers, and the opportunity for each of my four children to learn at their own pace.  Every homeschool family is different, of course … there are so many ways to go about teaching your kids at home. But something almost all of us have in common – we want to give our kids a great education … and we’re on a Continue Reading

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Filter Flower Wreath

diy farmhouse wreath

I love farmhouse decor.  Which makes complete sense, since I live in, you know, a farmhouse.   I think the shabby, chippy style adds so much warmth and character to any space.  Now, there are tons of beautiful farmhouse wreaths available on the market – but they are very EXPENSIVE!  Which is why this gorgeous, elegant, diy farmhouse wreath was something I just HAD to do!  It’s easy to make and looks like it came from a Continue Reading